Sade the Pointer Jeff the Hunter
9th June, 2015

Whenever Sade returns from her weekends at her fiancé's, she often tells Nkem, Maria and Soty how Jeff pampers and spoils her to the brim. Though Sade is a bit too 'modest' to be on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, she often shares clips and pics of their semi-steamy indoors and happy outdoors.

Now, Nkem, who is best friends with Maria and Soty, is a lot finer than Sade and has always been her object of envy. Nkem isn't tall like Sade but her skin is light and somewhat transparent - translucent. When you see Nkem the first time you can easily tell her hands can dextrously cook all sorts - even when Nkem talks, a grown man would become very hungry. Nkem has full and spotless legs, firm thick thighs all resting on a pair of slim size 36 feet. Nkem has big bulging eyes that would make you have no need for the sun if she ever shines them on you. Unfortunately, Nkem is hardly lucky with being kept by the guys she's met so far; nonetheless, Sade knows this and loves rubbing it in her face by singing about her weekend adventures at Jeff's.

When Sade is at Jeff's, she talks about Nkem a lot. She says Nkem sleeps around and any and every guy she knows has been with her. She tells Jeff about Nkem's sleazy escapades and how she does everything written and unwritten in the Kama Sutra. She says it is very easy to have one's ways with Nkem, all one needs to have is a nice car and good touchscreen phones.

But this is what Sade did not know - there's a basic level of badness in every guy.It makes him instinctively attracted to easy girls like Nkem; however, an average guy sadly lacks the ability to detect one by the judgement of his eyes. So when he is suddenly gifted with pointers or 'cheap slot' alerts like Sade's, she unknowingly and automatically activates his 'on the prowl' mode. A hunt program called 'scheme' is thereby launched in his head for that target. Hence why Jeff's high points with Sade were often the times she painted her female friends bad.

Unlike Sade, Nkem was aware of this fact about guys cos Nkem had truly been around... So when Nkem finally got to be alone with Jeff at some point, they needed no further ado - Sade had unwittingly prepared the grounds for a burst of steamy escapades between them two. But Nkem wasn't done just yet, she had a bit more to teach both the hunter Jeff and the pointer Sade.

That was when Nkem started saying things about Maria and Soty similar to what Sade had earlier said about her to Jeff. And just when Jeff thought he was the smoothest and sleekest master schemer/hunter he'd ever met, for being with Nkem, Maria and Soty, it turned out that he was just a pawn in the hands of three presumed preys who were best friends - Jeff was actually the hunted.

Lol, Sade still shows off her pics and clips to Nkem, Maria and Soty. She is still unaware.

Croydon, United Kingdom
  • When baes advertise their beaus but defame other baes

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