9th June, 2015


Tade was in her morning 
and needed a bit of warmth.
Jide had a tiny lamp
but she preferred lights the size of the sun.

That was when she met Tunde
who told her he was sunshine. 
So she swung open her doors
and Tunde filled himself in her life.

He came with all the whiteness, beauty and ice.
But Tunde turned out to be snow,
and instead of the lights he'd promised,
Tunde kept each day of Tade's life frozen.

Now Tade is in her cold house with her husband in their bed
wishing it was Jide she'd married instead.
On Jide's way to work in his car,
he's always reading Tade's happy posts -
her holiday pictures and threads.

Tade often thinks about Jide and his tiny lamp,
It could have been a lot warmer than it is now.

Croydon, United Kingdom
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