Killer Love
23rd June, 2015

There was a certain South African girl a Nigerian guy loved and dated once like that in UK - but like you all know how most of these inter-nationality relationship stories often go - it's either the girl leaves him for a South African or a Zimbabwean guy (which rarely happens because these girls think we Nigerians are nice so they indeed love Nigerian guys, big thanks to Nollywood and maybe our tasty Jollof rice) OR he leaves her for a Nigerian/Ghanaian girl (which is most likely due to fact that we understand our pidgin English and can stand each other's spicy hot meals).

However, in this case, he left her for a Ghanaian girl whom he married eventually. But this particular story isn't like the typical generic ones, this has a whole sweet and mean, and destructive yet subtle and sad twist to its love tale - I don't know if you catch my drift.

This Southy (as Nigerians often call South Africans) babe found out her Naija (Nigerian) bobo (guy) had a fiancé in Ghana already. She deduced that all the time he said he was broke, immediately after paydays, was because he actually had been putting money away in a secret joint account with this same fiancé for their wedding coming up in three months in Kumasi. And yes, all those times he often declared bankruptcy, it was this Southy's money that saw him through each of the 15 months they'd been dating.

This Southy, till date, is still the best thing that has happened to this dude. To begin with, (pardon me that I'll have to start with her physique, it's just where guys like to start everything) let me describe her figure; she is young and looks much younger. She's got no wear and tear about any part of her body (guys will know what I mean - all her essentials need no form of external support to retain shape or vibrancy.) She stands and walks impressively and he loves to show her off to his mates. She has a well curved size 10/12-ish hips crescent-ing from a size 8 waist and when she stands before you, one can tell that whatever is behind her is more rounded than her flattering curves and superbly cantilevered. Her nipples aren't like those depressing ones that often point downwards like a pair of guilty dogs when they've messed up your sofa or bin, her's look up like soldiers when they salute and look skywards - erect! And then there's this thing called Areola (it's not a Yoruba word, believe me) that surrounds nipples, most girls just have it slapped and splashed on their breasts like someone spat a few drops of chocolate drink carelessly on their chests - but this Southy's wasn't like that, her's were almost negligible so you could just happily focus on the saluting nipples sitting on a 'not noisy' decent pair of double D cup perky (lively) breasts. Her heart is so pure and so was her love for this dude. She doesn't keep him waiting an extra minute anytime he asks her for money and whenever he visits her or she visits him, her money sorts the transportation for both of them always. Then she cooks like a celebrity chef for this guy, oh mah days!!! Again, with her money. She makes him curry goat/chicken, Beef on Bone (that's what they call it but I think it's just bony meat or meat with plenty bone in it), oxtail (cow tail) with white or jollof rice; then she always compliments his meals with assorted and freshly made fruit smoothies - free of charge!

There is nothing - absolutely no reason not to stay with this girl - his songs playlists were her favourite playlist as well and whenever, I mean ALL THE TIME she is with him she never ever withholds furnishing this dude with her super drop dead gorgeous and juicy size 8 - 10 body. This dude even saves her backside as his phone's home and lock-screen's wall paper such that anytime he's having a bad day, a quick sneak peek at his screensaver surely is the trick that saves the day for our bobo.

I think this whole marriage thing usually has some big undertone sacrifices that people make when they choose to be with each other. The sacrifice being that each partner is not the best they've honestly ever had or could be with but for some unexplainable or inexplicable reasons, they somehow let go of a treasure trove just to be with each other. And maybe that's one other reason why it really breaks hearts when after such sacrifices, the union still never works out. That was by the way, as I was gist-ing, this Naija's Ghana (we don't say Ghanaian, it sounds too long) babe does nothing. I literally mean nothing. She doesn't work so she often needs money. She's also really good looking and is a virgin, so she still does nothing whenever (ones a year) they are together. However, she has decided to wait on our Naija bobo as they'd been dating for half a decade now and though the engagement ring on her finger is screaming for an upgrade after three and half years of being proposed to; notwithstanding, she doesn't mind being called Lord of the ring by her newly married friends. On the phone with her decent and sweet Naija guy, she tells him to wait a bit more till their wedding for her goodies to be had and that's how she calms him down. But thanks to this Southy babe, he really calms down and the Ghana girl loves him for his remarkable patience and exquisite understanding.

So you'll think this Naija bobo has ruined the heart of this Southy babe by his extra-curricular activities but then this Southy ain't no stranger to love neither is she a newbie to the punishment Naija self acclaimed 'sharp guys' deserve. He won't be her first but hopefully last I pray. So, soon after she discovered the hub of detailed and exclusive love correspondences with one strange person saved as both 'Custody' and 'Amored Tank' on his phone, she realised the so called war tank ID wasn't indeed spelt wrongly, it was just a pun off the Italian word for love 'amore' and that 'Custody' wasn't some man in some army uniform after all, it was the lady with the lock and key to his heart.

So this is what she decided to do - she made him feel very happy and cooked even more for him the few times they had left before he traveled. She called him every morning to say good morning and wish him a lovely day; and then she texted him every night. Not that she wasn't doing this to the fullest prior to this already, she was, but this time, she kept to a really reliable structure. She sent him poems of how he makes her feel confident and excited just by his calls and little smiley-infested texts. She told him things she wanted to do and made him help her with decision making. She didn't wait till he comes before she cooked, she would cook and send him pictures of several meals - they worked even better. She sensually engaged him in almost all completeness of life's welfare; I mean, she just loved him like 180% more. That was his punishment and then she let him go.

He has gone and married his really nice Ghana babe. But his heart burns knowing that he will always have to work 100 times for every single one thing he gets from his wife or from any other person. He'll just never be satisfied and no one will ever know why. Lol, all thanks to the Southy's venomous killer love.

Croydon, United Kingdom
  • You hurt yourself more when a lover has hurt you and you avenge hurtfully. Ignoring HURTS them more!

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