Re Vulva
25th June, 2015

A young lady with a pretty face is really beautiful -
Either her face be symmetrical or be a bit off;
And it doesn't matter if she's spotless or with freckles,
Long as her smile is good, that'll do just quite enough.

However, a face lacks a certain allure -
ability to imprison the senses of the men it captures, albeit beautiful.
Now, that's where a vagina's appeal defeats facial beauty - 
As its lustre makes senses of men it captures beg to be imprisoned.

The prowess of a neat vagina is like an 'Incredible Hulk' version of a pretty face's,
It simply captures your goals, aspirations and vision.
And makes ordinary men of immortal deities
unlike a beautiful face, it doesn't settle for just your attention, your attention must face uncertain detention.

Maybe a beautiful face cannot stand alone; I think it needs a decent vagina
‘Cos in the encapsulation of the senses by the thoughts of a cleanly shaven vagina is the emancipation of sensations vis-á-vis an experience with its sweetly scented vulva. Hence why the absence of a vibrant vagina and a healthy clitoris can often cause a man such pain greater than one with Angina Pectoris 

Just wondering what about the female gender tender part
Intensifies my powerlessness to the sheer affinity towards her 'surrender' art?
If only this young lady knew what powers the beauty of her youthful vagina wields?
I'll be neighbours with a circus lion and share cages with a performing elephant; another female hand will never work these manly fields.

Croydon, United Kingdom
  • Appreciating the female gender part and her tender work of art.

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