29th June, 2015

If you have received love from one who's unloveable by you,

and felt only compassion for the passions they doused incessantly over you;
If you have painfully picked their calls and barely read their every heartfelt texts such that you have had to respond pretentiously to,
and have praised yourself for your ability to feign a liking to their company - not minding how much it did cost them to make such available to you,




So you get love but it's from who you have no affection, 
It's hard to ignore, 'specially when it's a friend loving you
Then you reciprocate, but your unintended acts are classified a retaliation
Even if you clearly hate, you'll hate that you clearly do.

Now you give love but it's to who has no affection towards you
It's hard to forget that someone like that once too was you
So you simply remember what you put those unlovable ones through
And show it in your perception of that rejection from the one you remain unlovable to.

A lover may love cos his heart's been had
May become a writer like me and write so hard
But until I understand how love works my works may never add up
I'm yet to figure how love works, I wonder if I'll ever be heard of.


Croydon, United Kingdom
  • Don't love and you shall be unloved

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