Mr tree
30th June, 2015 Writers
    The tree

The lion is moving
Towards me as I am waiting
For the tall black tree
To successfully be let free
So I just have to wait
For the lion and kiss it

The roar is deep and deep
As the villagers peep
To see me being kissed
Should I have first hugged?
Ooh Mr black tree
Wen will u ever be free

Years in the same agony
And with a lot of harmony
Still wondering when
Mr tree would be will come
Before the lion kisses me
I really need to flee

Soon the tree graduates
It starts to bear fruits
Mr lion runs away
As I am set free
I will never go astray
I can change everything.

(Poems by Brian mulei)

With education, we can change everything. A country with many elites has very productive trees in it which have valuable fruits. These trees can change the country completely, it chases away the most dangerous thing, lion, which is poverty. Wen everyone has financial stability, a lot more things are catered for.

Nairobi, Kenya
  • Success comes mostly through education.

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