America Sodom and Gomorahahaha
3rd July, 2015

America is now a place where LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders) are free to be themselves and live their lives to the fullest every other heterosexual's live. This is good news for some desperate people who can bring in their kins (brothers and sisters) from another country by pretentiously filing in 'pride' marriage papers to come and join them; and very bad for others like them men stepping out of that shameful closet with 'pride' to leave their wives and go wed some other pretty men; and women vice versa. It's not like it hasn't been happening long before now but only difference is IT IS NO MORE A CLOSET ANYONE HAS TO COME OUT FROM ANY MORE - yay! It is not a good thing that 48 past white presidents have come and gone 'successfully' without signing this gay bill but that the only one time - just ONE FLIPPIN' TIME a black person becomes the president was when the dotted line was inked and tattoed on. 

Now everyone says America is going the way of Sodom and Gomorrah and as a result will be destroyed likewise if heed isn't taken. They moan about how America was founded on Godly statutes and it swore it'll forever remain that way; and also nag about how the president swore with the bible before resuming office but since that is now an act of mockery AMERICA WOULD BE DESTROYED - somewhat like San Andreas' - a movie about epic-scaled natural disaster by Dwayne Johnson - go watch it. Well, news flash: NO!! Even Sodom and Gomorrah, (worse than America will ever appear to be - eheheh, apparently, thanks to all them human right hot cross buns recipe and blind knack for political-correctness brew such that weren't in place back then), had really good chances of not being destroyed but skipped all. I mean ALL!! <breathes> 'Cos if you read Genesis 18: 23-32 - or one day you do - you would actually think Abraham was taking a huge piss when he asked God to spare Sodom for sake of 50 righteous people; and what did God do? Ummmm, guess what, He listened! God listened and not just that, He was seriously willing to spare SODOOOOM AND GOMOOOORRRAH - but Abraham found none - not even after reducing the number from 50 righteous people by ten each time till he got to ten. Nope, Everyone there were busy helping each other to jerk off - smothering manly saliva on each other's facial beards and bare sweaty bodies and shit.

<I know someone will say "Hey Paul, there was no account of Lesbians, Bisexuals or Transgenders in the whole Sodom and Gomorrah story like what we now have here in America except for Homosexuals and if you read that same Genesis 19: 4-11 you'll see that them pretty men of the city wanted to shag the angels who Lot hosted by all means. So why then do you think America won't be destroyed a lot worse and quicker than Sodom and Gomorrah were?" Phewww!!! that was a long one - Allow my fingers to breathe for a minute after typing such question please!

(Don't keep reading, take a breather too, jeez!!)>

And when Lot was gonna be spared, he had to relocate. Otherwise, NO destruction could have taken place should him and his fam had still been present. You know what, lemme quit chattering about and just cut down to this chase 'cos the peops I really wonna hit on are these: all you 'All-of-a-sudden-now-righteous-infested-judgement-casting-finger-pointing-nowtotallysadforamerica ones who are quick to say America will be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah were/was because it's done what Sodom and Gomorrah did or America has lost its glory by signing up this gay thing thus kick starting this LGBT 'pride' thing hence why meteorites and Aliens would mash up the place, YOU ARE WRONG!!! America has only just turned forty in this whole 'pride' life thing and has just started - i.e if we go by life begins at forty - whereas, them Sodom and Gomorrah folks took theirs' to the stars in terms of life.


<still cutting down to that chase>

umm, hold on a sec, I'm not saying America won't be destroyed eventually, but NOT NOOOOW!!!!. And even if it would, it won't just be America only. I'll like to base this on precepts that the world is a global village and that this 'pride' thing must have really really caught on - among other things as well. In actual sense, I thinkIT WILL BE THE WHOLE WOOOORLD!!!. Before this happens, the few good righteous people would have relocated first AT ONCE - en-mass. But given that there isn't any place left to run to on earth where we can all converge at from all over the world (like Lot and fam did) nor some massive space craft large enough to fly us to mars without being chased about by them pretty men and handsome ladies in another large space craft who ecstatically just wonna shag us all by all means with pride - just like them horny and happy ones in Sodom and Gomorrah back then; the only option is for a quick, unannounced and sudden disappearance of everyone  to a different realm found righteous.

<the chase is being cut down at 10, 9, 8, 7..>

In my opinion, if at all America should be destroyed sooner than it deserves OR just like these ALL-OF-A-SUDDEN-RIGHTEOUS-FOLKS DECREE, it should be because of the corruption of the six out of seven colours of the rainbow used for the Gay pride flag. Mind you the sevent colour ommitted was just a shade of the purple one that was left - so when you look at the pics of both, you'll struggle to see the difference. BUT WHHHHYYYYYY??? How can anyone take the rainbow and defile it's beautiful meaning and symbol just like that? The colours of the rainbow are the colours white light is made of and this light has a lot of in-depth enlightening meaning to everyone's spirituality. I only know of one entity or group of people who don't like light tho' and your guesses are as good as mine.

So, if you come on my page and tell me America will soon be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah were/was or ask any question like that, I will tell them say 'NO LELE, call your dada ki won lo perawon jor, no lele!!'
Croydon, United Kingdom
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