These Little Ones
25th July, 2015
When we need to ease that cold and silent tension between us couples 
And turn the wrath we are about to pour on our partners into mere sighs and a sane conversation 
When we need a kind of wand that can turn an attempt to slap into a gentle smooch on the cheeks
Or a mouth-watering rain of verbal abuse into a casual 'hi, you good?'
Then what we need is a baby!

Meeting their untainted laughter and playful nature at the door make us gently put down that knife meant to severe our pain-in-the-neck bond
More often they turn our relationship-blowing berettas into their drum sticks and flutes - unaware half the time.
Smart mothers tire out their husband's anger when they release their little ones to go play with their fathers
Hardly can a father's anger towards his wife ever outlive the repetitive request of a 'do it again' plea from a happy baby at that point in time
A sharp guilty father does the same as well to distract and soften the wrath they are about to be doused with by their partners just there and then.


Then we choose the night to kill ourselves when these little ones are in lala land 
But no greater offence can we commit than to break the beautiful sleep of a baby with our roars
So as our anger soars in limbo waiting for the light of day to roar, we distract each other with our silence, the texture of our skins, the swell of your chest, the curve of meat around your hips and the might in my loins - we make another baby instead.


If it wasn't for these little ones, we all will be tremendously single and extremely free 
If it wasn't for babies, pubs will sell more beers and crimes will outweigh jail times
Silence between couples would have continued forever till we become literally dumb


Look, these little ones are guilt pointers-
You know she's guilty when he calls on FaceTime and she puts little one on the phone
He's guilty of something when he comes in and goes to play with the little one and even reads bedtime stories
These little ones are the lovely crimes we committed and the beautiful times we sentence ourselves to.
It is at the point when we make babies that we know the exact reason why we were made.

- Aburo
Croydon, United Kingdom
  • Babies are just anger softeners

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