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Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!
My gum is bleeding!!!
O my goodness! Mike can you please get me cotton wool and spirit.
I ran like a bull charging towards its prey.
Found the box containing the wool and methylated spirit close to the dining table.
I watched closely as mum applied the cotton filled with spirit to Blessing's gum but the bleeding did not stop.
Mum look at my hand. She showed her with a gleaming smile like that of the full moon.
Noooooo! Nooooo! Noooo! This can't be. 
Tiny red spots had appeared all over her tender skin.
Without hesitation we got to the clinic and my mum almost fainted when she heard the deadly judgement that blessing has leukaemia.
"Blessing days are numbered" the doctor said without no sign of pity.
 We gonna place her on chemotherapy drugs.
What could leukaemia be for mum to have almost killed herself after hearing it.
I followed mum to the hospital after 3 weeks only to find my lovely sister looking so lean like the thin cow that swallowed the fat cow in Joseph dream.
Her hairs are thinning and almost completely bald.
Her eyelashes and eyebrow could not be found!!!
She is dying! I can't just look at her face.
This is not blessing. This is not the girl that fights for me whenever am bullied at school.
She raised up her hand to beckon at me. 
She wants to speak but I could not hear anything only the movement of her lips was visible.
Her nose drips from red clotted blood.
Who made my sister like this. 
Can somebody tell me???.
Why have leukaemia choose to make blessing a partner???.
 I can't watch her die......
Who will fight for me???. Who will tell me stories of the tactics and devices of tortoise???.
Who is gonna wash my uniform for me when mum is not around???
I drew near to my sis mouth soas to hear her words clearly. 
I felt her pain... The struggle...
She gathered strength and I heard "pleeeeaaasee takkee carrreee offf muummmmYyy. Iii looovee yooou deeaarrlly".
My eyes were welled with tears as the muttering was spilled. 
Don't scare me blessing. Please don't scare me.
Tears dropping like a rain drop on the rusted roof.
The nurses pulled me away from her.
Blessing I love you as I struggle to free myself,,, please don't leave me.
While been pulled away from her.
 I saw a nurse covered her face with the neat blue bed sheet.
That was the last time I saw blessing.
Today is her 25 posthumous birthday.. Standing in front of the window with her picture on my hands. 
I remembered that was her spot whenever she wants to view the whole world and after having enough view she would say with a wry smile " I will explore the world someday".

Lagos, Nigeria
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