10th January, 2016


Recipe for a perfect day, my dears

Such days are condiments for a seasoned year

It tastes like blanched julienne of unmerited blessings and miracles macerated in His grace 

The aroma is like cured happiness marinated in peace, glazed with abundance of good health meunière and then sautéed in awareness of His endless love spreading into a space

This vast kitchen is my heart and a big store called Open Heavens filled with God's words is in its premises

My mind is this fridge filled with Godfessions of His endless promises 

Love, grace, favour and mercy are my baking/frying pans and cooking utensils

My eyes are the cooker and oven as those pots don't cook legumes or lentils

And when I'm done cooking

I feel so grandiose - donkey+king

How then can you not be blessed when you have me as a friend in your courts?

How can I ever hate you when I'm filled with love that consumes all hurts?

I'll just leave it to rest here

Least you know my meals for the rest of the year.

Croydon, United Kingdom
  • Since we ain't just he Architects of our lives but also the chefs of our spirits, here's how I choose to feed mine with and live on for the rest of the year.

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