10th January, 2016


A Christian boy died with his phone in his hand. When his spirit left his body, what he wished he could do was to delete the content of the phone before his father sees it. But he couldn't. And so his spirit went to be judged by God. 

When he got to the great hall, he saw that his phone was there already. It was placed topmost on a pile of white files and silver folders labelled 'righteous works on earth'. 

Then an angel asked for the password of his phone; but instead of an answer, he began to plead. On his phone on earth, the police had cracked his password already and searched through his contact for ICE (In Case of Emergency). Immediately, his phone in the angel's hands began to ring and the angel told him his father was being called. 

After it was done ringing, the Angel handed the phone to God and when He looked into this boy's phone, a video continued to play and some young girls screaming "world star, world star" echoed through the hall through his soul through eternity. It was a twerk compilation video of 30 minutes and 49 seconds long. He had only 9 seconds left to finish, the compilation was the 20th on a playlist of big booty twerk.

A Christian boy is in the hall with his phone in God's hand. If his spirit could return to his body, what he wished he could do would have been to live right because he could meet his maker anytime. This boy was only 19 years old and that was his first time.

Croydon, United Kingdom
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