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17th March, 2016 Hair Stylists

Ngõzii ™

Wig designer.

Expert in hand and machine made wigs,  designing wigs  for women worldwide since 2005.

We make and sell custom handmade  and machine made wigs. We can make a wig to fit a clients personal style.

Bring in a wig picture, we'll make a duplicate.

Our handmade wigs are made out of our clients weft and closure,  turn your used weave into a stylish wig.

Our machine made wigs are custom units.

Our wig cap fits the head very nicely (One Size Fits All)

Our prices are very affordable as most of our clients are girls next door and we're all on a budget.

 Our Services Includes:







▪️Volume & Density



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Instagram - ngoziigifts

mobile - +2349039527954

Rivers, Nigeria
  • Ngõzii™ The Wig Designer. Expert in Hand and Machine Made Wigs. Turn your weft/weave/weavon and closure into a stylish handmade wig.

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