21st April, 2016 Writers

She stared at me with eyes weary

Forehead creased with worry

A smile without

Her thoughts concealed

Self withdrawn

As shadowed as a dark hallway crawling with imaginary monsters

As bright as the misery she tried fruitlessly to hide

I longed save her, to wrap my arms around her and hold her tight till she the comfort from my arms overwhelmed her

I longed to keep her here, in my arms...for always, protecting her from the unfriendly claws of this life

I longed to tell her, to whisper comfort and  safety in her ears...everything will be fine, you never have a thing to worry about.

I longed to wipe her tears

I longed to wish away her fears

I longed to soothe her pain

I longed to slay her demons

I longed to keep her safe forever

I longed for alot of things

I could only long for so many....

Abuja, Nigeria
  • Eyes as bright as dark... she stares, for she's lost all and she knows none...

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