Rays of Hope
18th July, 2016 Writers

Amidst the wilderness of life, I sought a steady anchor
With which to holdfast against the storms of life
Wherein I could berth the blessings laid upon my heart and find solace for my weary soul
Alas with eyes lifted to the heavens, I saw her rise once more.

From the place where the sea touched the sky, she emerged
Her first lights a promise of things to come and a reminder of the ephemeral nature of things
Though I cannot yet feel her warmth, the sight of her, kindles the embers of my heart.

Her light may linger but a little while
And her brightness will not forever hold at bay the darkness of night
Yet in the day when she shines, I will rejoice in life and revel in her blessed bounties
For naught makes a dawn more beautiful than a deep darkness from which to shine.

-Obafemi Odejayi

Photo credit: Olekubenson Photograpgy (Twitter: @olekubenson)

Lagos, Nigeria
  • The beauty of the sun and its daily assurance of life.

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