21st July, 2016 Writers

We want the cash and the flash,

We want the Rolex watches,

We want more money to add to our stash,

We want the ranges and Porsches,

But there's someone out there,

All they want is a Mom,

There are those that daily live in fear,

Some all they get to do is mourn,

We want the degrees,

While in some places death tolls just increase,

We scrunch our faces when the chicken is too hard,

We're sad that 10k is our last card,

We forget that We have life,

We forget that We are healthy,

The former is enough wealth,

Many there are who seek our kind of Health

Please stay grateful,

Work hard but help out too where U can,

And as God is faithful,

Never seize to be thanful,

Never ever forget that there's nothing more unpredictable than the end of the life of a Man.

God bless You.

Abuja, Nigeria
  • Always say thank You to Our maker for life.

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