22nd July, 2016 Photographers
πŸ’ŠπŸ’‰SELF MEDICATION πŸ’‰πŸ’Š Self Medication is a common evil stemming from substance abuse. It simply describes the use of medication or drugs without prescriptions by authorized medical practitioner(s). 😾😾 A number of people in our society today have self medicated in one way or another; from minor forms of curing a headache with painkillers to more serious drug abuses like codeine abuse. Contributing factors include poor hygiene which causes illness and here likelihood of self medication, lifestyle, accessibility. The ease of getting these drugs is a major contributing factor and must be put in check. The federal government should adopt measures to monitor the sales of drugs to people. Harmful effects from this may include relative contradictions which arises from combining drugs, addiction, worsened health conditions and death from overdose. Rather than self medicate; - Be Informed - See a Medical Practitioner - Call a Doctor (When ill) - Seek help (Rehab Centers) in cases of addiction. Model: @temishomo Photography: @hon_teezee Photo Assist: @lholu_ Makeup: @makeup_by_tiah Writers/Editors: @hon_teezee @hayte_ @lumie_s
  • Say NO to Self Medication

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