Naija bath soaps beyond skincare
24th July, 2016 Artists

Our extensive research into skincare revealed the prevalence of dangerous chemicals been packed into our skin and bath time products. Now, do you know that your skin is the largest organ on your body, infact it occupies about one third of your total weight? Do you know that the pores on your skin are passage way into your inner body?

So imagine this - chemical transporting into your body via your pores? Quite worrisome!

So we decided to do things a bit differently, we started to make soaps and bath time products that are made from top quality, skin safe natural oils. If you use any of the following for cooking, then you should join us here and propagate the useful of natural products for skincare products.

Coconut Oil

Palm Oil

Palm Kernel Oil

Shea Butter

Cocoa Butter.

We created these luxurious benefit packed bath time soaps just for you, and them smell great too.

For more luxurious skin enriching soaps, click here

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Naija soaps is a creation of 100% natural oil bath soaps from West Africa. Created to inspire, luxuriate and wake up your five senses. This is not regular bath time. It is natural skincare.

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