Boy Meets Girl A Love Story
29th May, 2015 Photographers

Special S/O to the Crew for all the hard work and technical huddles we overcame. holding a canoe down on the lake, laying in uncomfortable positions on rail tracks and everything else we had to go through to make this project a success. looking forward to more

Bride To Be πŸ‘Έ: Ayobami A. (@cuteslimmie)

Groom To BeπŸ‘¨: Adebayo T. (@bayuski )

Photographer πŸ“·: Kelechi Uchegbu @_kay.u

πŸ“· asst: Jennifer L (@jblaslopez)

MUA πŸ’‹: Ayo A. (@cuteslimmie)

MUA AsstπŸ’‹: Charlene B (@biaki_ )

Hair Stylist πŸ’‡: Jummy O (@j_u_m_o_k_e )

Tech asst: Wahab H (@djk_little)

Minneapolis Minnesota, United States
  • Engagement Shoot with the awesome couple Ayobami & Adebayo. Enjoy

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