Lost Inbetween Worlds
1st August, 2016 Writers

Kicked through my defensive walls 
Frustration scored another goal.

Trying to explain what happened

The words won't come,

Refusing to help me feel sedated.

Life isn't being too kind right now,
And it's almost as if my one release - Writing...My writing and my pen,
Isn't working, and I'm scared.

I find solace in many things
Poetry, music, strong alcohols

But occasionally, 
I find myself still where I left off
With my heart threatening to shut down.

Does anyone really love me?
To not notice how suicidal I've become
It hurts more. Life really sucks.

Eventually, I'll be alright
I'll kick a gulp to the skull
And continue sleeping till the pain can reach me no more.

Sheriff O. Oshin

Lagos, Nigeria
  • I spoke to someone who was depressed and came up with this piece from what I learnt from her experience. Read, comment and share.

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