Country Home
1st August, 2016 Architects

The Country Home‘ is an exceptionally elegant luxury design.

Built to maximise space and ventilation, it was designed with class and comfort in mind.

The status quo of the average Nigerian home comprises of more bricks and less openings but that ideology is defeated here with the high head rooms and large wall openings within its  spacious ensuite bedrooms and expansive living area that overlooks the luxurious pool.‎


Spaces Included

Living Room



3 En suite Bedrooms (Number subject to change based on design)

Family Lounge with Bar

Luxurious Pool

Covered Garage for two(2) cars

Well landscaped compound


‘Design is about making people happy either functionally, aesthetically or emotionally.’… Robin Siegerman


The Country Home fulfills all three notions in style.

Building a contemporary dream home back in the village at Ijebu or Aba never felt so enticing!

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Design and Visualization of a Country Home

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