14th November, 2017 Writers


I breed vengeance, but habour little doubt,

            In this war of armoury and genocidal words,

Let me not bleed unclothed in the front of thirsty swords

   And at last, heaven still casts my ghost out.




My tears rain days without season,

            Nobody is beyond fall,

The rise of my wrath might be the beginning of my downfall,

  The judgment of heaven is what we reason.



And the city has been surrounded,

            No path leads to escape,

My brothers and sisters maimed and grounded,

  By those tireless war Ape.




Amidst their victorious chants and tease from their war lord,

  I say my prayers, I know you hear me lord!





Uche Chidozie Okorie 

Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
  • Poem from the soul that seeks vengeance

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