3rd August, 2016 Writers

I boarded a confusing blue taxi; you know that blue that doesn't really look blue but somewhere in your heart you know it used to be blue?yeah that blue, the confusing blue. I had barely settled down when my fingers began to itch. I wasn't stung by any insect so what could have been the cause?I ignored them for a couple of minutes and soon my mind joined in. I suddenly remembered I had pictures to post online, chats to reply and post to like but again, I ignored. I thought I could bounce that feeling out of my head unfortunately for my guards, they came again;not alone this time but with more reasons why I should get my phone out of my bag. I did.

I got so engrossed with my phone to the point of loosing contact with reality. I laughed crazily alone, talked to the phone as though I had company, I even misunderstood the Yoruba language a fellow passenger was speaking for something I could not stress my brain to give a name to. Some post got likes, some got awesome reactions while others just managed to see my face. I replied some 'HIs' and ignored some questions not worth retyping. Just when I recalled that today was my friend's birthday and I needed to do a birthday poem for her, network went off. It was painful. It felt like having your feet pierced by a rotten nail. I tried all I could to get it back. It was like a lover trying to win a heart he once lived in back but it was gone.

I was scared of getting bored so I peeped outside the window to see if anything could mend my broken heart. I see her every time I'm on the road. She's always by road side waving at me as I pass by. She literally follows me to my destination. I've never paid attention to her or even smiled back at her but somehow she caught my fancy today. She's such a good dancer! Her moves tickled me and I couldn't help but burst into laughter. She didn't care. She danced the more. The sound she moved to made no sense to me. It was not what I would call music by all standards. It had every element of 'bad music' and a billion name tags bearing 'DO NOT LISTEN' but she?she kept dancing. She danced until my sacarsm came to a stop. I had no choice than to beg my heart to listen. It did. It listened to the sound of the wind as cars drove by. I could hear voices in the wind singing with their heart and from their soul to the pleasure of the trees. No wonder she never stopped dancing and waving at me. Nature never stopped dancing!!! She was the trees that waved, the wind that sang, the hills that stood tall from afar, her warriors. She is beautiful.

I figured out my network came back an hour after this scene.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention this...

The sky was not as blue as the confusing blue taxi I boarded. It was grey. It shed tears of joy as I smiled all through my journey without resorting to my phone again for company. 

Abuja, Nigeria
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