A Short Story
9th August, 2016 Writers
E ma de gbami ke! Has it come to this? Was she really an emergency case now?

She looked around the room again. This must be about the third time that her eyes had gone 90 degrees at the 'human beings' seated before her. She refused to call them her family, but then she still loved them enough not to call them Aliens. Haba! Even Aunty Bee! The Traitor!

"Boluwatife, don't you have anything to say?"
Talk of the devil... and she speaks!

Inside her head where nobody could see, Tife rolled her eyes a million times. She wasn't bold enough to do it for real and risk World War 4. All the noise about Yoruba demons here and there, and people thinking it's about men that break ladies' hearts. Crap.

Elders! Those were the REAL Yoruba demons. These ones sitting before her would not beat her {she wasn't too sure about slap sha} but they could send her to an untimely grave with their eyes and their words. So she really needed to be careful. Not just careful but EXTREMELY wise. She needed to sift her thoughts and weigh her words before they flew out.

"Tife dear, you can talk to us. We cannot know what to advise you if you don't tell us anything, abi?" the traitor said, looking to the rest of the clan for approval
"True. True. Bimbola, your words are very true" replied Uncle Timothy who wouldn't stop nodding his Afro head. Mr.Lekshora!

"Bo-lu-wa-ti-fe-lo-te-wa-lo-run!" Mr. Stevens called out, almost in a whisper

Warning bells in her head, Tife knew she had to say something quick. When her father called her name in full, it meant his patience was running out. It meant she better think fast and do something fast…
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Lagos, Nigeria
  • A single lady in Lagos faces a panel that is hell bent on getting her married off as soon as possible.

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