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When last did you write a song?

I'm not talking about the 'you're a star' kind of song that leaves a distressed heart relaxed. No. I'm not referring to those songs that gets you on your feet when you're out with friends, screaming 'thank god its Friday' at the top of your cracked voice. Bring your mind back, don't go too far. Its not a foreign song that requires the service of Google for English interpretation

Its a song that leaves stomachs aching with butterflies; a song that crawls into heads and shut down eyes; one that has taught hearts to skip a beat; the life giver to every fantasy that leaves chest heartless. I'm talking about that song that makes her real when you close your eyes; that rhythm that makes him feel even closer despite the distance. Wait a minute! I think I'm writing too much about this song.

She was told love was all about flowers, so she sent one each day. I mean she had a garden, her mind. She pruned every weed of self and watered the seeds with her tears and even though time had no plans of waiting, she cared less. Of what use is a wrist watch to a farmer in the farm? She plucked out the finest of them all and sent to the one who was worth every sweat and tear. He loved them.

She was told love was a destination and finding the way to his heart was a secret she would have to learn with a Chef's cap on. Learning the act of feeding his soul became a specialty. She obeyed, submitted and humbled herself before the one who was worth every step she had ever taken. He cherished those.

She was told love was full of kisses and hugs, chocolates and candy bars. Her heart was drawn to sweetness;the pet names that followed a warm hug after a long day;the laughter that overshadowed the  chaos of life; the kiss that sealed the three words posted to her heart via her ears.

She was told love was beautiful but they forgot, they forgot to tell her that love had thorns beneath the rose, that her fingers will bleed each time they got pierced. They forgot to tell her that love was a song, one she will have to write and sing herself.

It has twist and turns

Its never straight, no homo

It modulates when you don't expect

It demands for harmony when you're yet to get the melody line

Its tempo changes at will

You just have to follow any ways

Its a song we'll never do without

Its a song we'll learn how to write

Our experiences will be our verses

The present might be the chorus

Its a song you're probably writing right now, if not, when last did you write a love song?

Abuja, Nigeria
  • When last did you put feelings into words?

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