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Marylyn stretched her arms above her head and sighed in relief just right after she had typed in the last period in her weekly article for Vogue Magazine. She had one more article to write for TWMagazine before she could officially call it a day. Getting up with her coffee wielded with a sword-like grip in her right hand, she strode to her studio window and examined the scene with the expert eye of a renowned photographer. She had purposely chosen to live in this part of Lagos state where she could experience the real hustle and bustle of the city, Lekki just didn’t cut it. The life of an Islander was just not a part of her, although she had had to detour several times for her many projects. Sitting on one spot for too long had become a luxury for Marylyn who hardly ever had time for anything else but work. As she observed a cooperate beggar following a passenger who had just alighted from a tricycle, she tried to recall what had prompted her choice to move down to this part of Lagos, Ojodu Berger. Not many people knew where she resided or who she was, the benefit of having a professional name that varies from your real identity. She was known as Calypso in the industry, inspired by the British bred Artist, Sia, who hid her identity behind her wigs. Too bad, Marylyn wasn’t a fan of wigs else she would have explored the wig way of life. She was like the normal casual girl you would walk by on the street, there was simply nothing special about her. At an average height of 5ft 7inches with a caramel complexion, chocolate

Lagos, Nigeria
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