Common Sense
10th August, 2016 Writers

Common sense has gone on an errand and hasn't returned. 

At least thats what we say to people when we are asked. Truth be told, he ran off taking morals and discipline with him. 

Ethics for fear of corruption followed suit and now, all that is  left is a house full of idiocy.

We've sat across the table from immorality and drank from his venomous glass, now we are plagued with a perpetual drunkeness on senselessness.

We've become friends with folly and stupidity and pledged allegianace to gods whose ultimate satisfaction is our inevitable destruction. 

Common sense has left us.

Truth be told, he was was too insistent and convicting, so much so we couldn't stand him. Now he lies in our backyard 6ft under  and his epitaph thereof reads: "

"Here lies sense, the usual reason"

Abuja, Nigeria
  • Common sense is like deodorant. The people who need it most never use it.

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