The Art of Gifting
22nd August, 2016 Events Planners

When it comes to Party Favours to complement your unique party theme, Semsey is King (and Queen)!
We handcraft mementos that ensure your guests do not forget your party in a hurry. Imagine gifts that appeal to every sense. One word...Sensational!
Scents, Colours, Shapes, Sizes, Names and Textures that send your guests home in awe of you *wink* *wink*
What does the big picture of your event look like? We'll work event planners to manage budgets and craft products that fit right into the picture.
Bridal or Baby Shower, Wedding, Birthday, Engagement, Anniversary or Child Dedication, Semsey will keep you on top of the party hosting game.
Our products are Bar Soaps, Bath Bombs, Bubble Baths and Body Scrubs which are suitable for every member of the family, catering to most skin types and needs.

This is our specialty, let's handle it.

For enquiries or to place an order, 
email us or call 08094381192; 08032019281

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Lagos, Nigeria
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