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Has anyone told you you've got the cutest smile the world has ever seen? The light that pierces darkness in the heart and gives way for joy.

Has anyone told you you're the strongest fighter the world has ever seen? The blows you've dealt on your fears, the victories you've won in the face of difficulties.

Has anyone told you you've got the largest heart in the world? Despite the scars of hurts from loved ones, your arms are wide open to receive another.

Has anyone told you you're the reason someone somewhere prays to live longer? The joy you bring to many lives with your presence.

I know sometimes its hard to believe these even if a concert was held for you with your name as the lyrics of every song sang. Its harder when life seems to be a bad waiter,serving you all you never ordered for. Most times its worse when you sow good seeds and the harvest seems to be a fairy tale but believe me when I say you're the sun in many lives, the laughter in many hearts, the light in many dark moments, the song on many lips. You are the rainbow after stormy rains, hope personified, faith demonstrated,the miracle billions prayed for, the good news people remember. You are a paragon of beauty called to so much more than make-up, hair, clothes, shoes and 'dropping it like its hot' even if you're able to. You are more than a muscular man with six packs and nice rides.

Quit shaping your life to fit the gospel according to whoever is at the top of your playlist,searching scriptures of magazines to be told who you are. You are a priceless jewel, highly valuable to God and capable of reflecting great beauty and light. You are lovable and worthy of all that is good and eternal. Quit seeing yourself through the lens of a bank account, a family tree, a job, social standing or a set of accomplishment,trying to live the dream of another mortal.

You've spent a lot of your time beating yourself and its exhausting. Its time to embrace who you are, admire your being whether tall or short, fat or slim, fair or dark, with long or short hair. Be confident that you are unique, precious and eternal, having the ability to express love; warmth that radiates all the way to the inner core of your being. Live every second of your life loving who you are. Look beyond the clouds and reach for heaven. Walk away from the temptation of doubting your ability even if you'll have to limp.

You're worth every greatness and more!

Abuja, Nigeria
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