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She smiled at the thought of her closest friend Gabe, she didn’t even realize how dazzling her smile was at the moment with the breeze blowing in her face, her winded flowered kimono tracing its way over her hips as it blew the opposite way. Marylyn was very sexy indeed, she would laugh and blush if she was told that but she really was. She had a bust size of 30, a waist of 24 and a hip size of 34 but she hid behind her vintage clothes that were always two-three sizes too big.   As she sipped her now warm coffee, she remembered the first time Gabe had gotten mad at her. It was when he has referred to the fact that she might just be the sexiest friend he had and she had laughed and said he should stop making fun of her. He had gone offline and didn’t call for two days, when he did, he had simply asked a question, “Have you found your esteem yet?” She got upset and hung up on him, then he had called back and apologized if he had upset her, she only responded that she was the only who was sorry.  Gabe and Marylyn had a weird friendship. They had never met but she knew he was the best friend she ever had. They had agreed a year ago that they would spend their 10 year pen-pal anniversary together. Finally, they were going to meet. At the reminder, Marylyn let go of a breath she didn’t know she had been holding in a whoosh.   She stepped into her studio and shut down her laptop after checking that all her works were saved. She picked up her gadgets and stepped out of the studio into the passage and began a mental route to her sitting room. She jumped on her leather couch, picked up the TV remote from where she had dropped it and switched it on. It was time for her break, she had to get back to her article soon but she needed inspiration. She tuned in to Spice TV for a quick research into the Nigerian Fashion scene.  

Lagos, Nigeria
  • This is a fiction I'm working on presently. I'm not in the position to edit or change anything right now since I write whenever I get inspired. But Marylyn is a character I'm falling in love with, I hope you do too.

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