30th May, 2015 Writers
Leaves staring with heavy gaze 
And this conscience laced 
Extending into the skies is 
Mine spirit so light 
Confused and shy 

Feeling this paradise 
Bearing tags inside 
With this name so written 
And a chariot saying 
All for my comfort! 

Reaching out to this 
Just to see a dream 
Still I awake 
It is a dream 
Without a stake 

Parts have fallen 
With paths yet begotten 
Where will this be getting? 
With this light as dim and 
Thy loud silence 

Needing thine hands 
For this hopes at hand 
Send me a star 
For my orison 
Amen ! 

  • This piece reveals the writer's dream and the prayer that follows... feel free to comment please.

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