17th August, 2016 Writers

Its intoxicating

Yet I love it

It kills

Yet I fill alive with it

It destroys

Yet it builds my confident

It blinds

Yet my vision is clearer with it

I won't call it wine

Its not brewed by mankind

I won't call it high Its not a mixture in a red cup

I won't call it Mary Jane

Its not green and smoky

I won't call it trips

Its not a tablet

Its a fighter

Never wage a war

Its a lover

Never talk hate

Its a friend

Never become an enemy

Its a confidant Never betray

Its in you

Like air to your lungs

Its in me

Like food to my stomach

Its in him

Like blood to veins

Its in her

Like womb to a woman

It will get you drunk

Only after a sip

It will make you sing

Only after you weep

It will make you laugh

Only after you mourn

It will make you teach

Only after you learn

It is water

Drawn out from soul's well

It is truth

Spoken from heart's lips

It is life

Given by spirit's breathe

It is words Birthed by fruitful wombs

Abuja, Nigeria
  • Truth will remain uncommon until you read in between the lines.

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