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 In Nigeria Less than 10 lives were lost, but we did become a nation of bacteriophobes   and germaphobes and unrepentant hand washers, our habits were altered because we “know” that Ebola was both insidious and pernicious

Terrorism has claimed thousands of lives, corruption has too, but our lifestyle has never been altered to this extent, there is what knowledge can do to us, sometimes knowledge can immobilize us, knowledge can spread a sort of consciousness that affects the masses, and interrupt the flow of life.

I have watched the little sugar ants wobble under the weight of their meal, some unlucky cockroach , I have tried carrying much and traveling fast, it seem to me that sometimes heavy isn’t always equal to fast, and because I love Ferraris I grew up believing  faster is better (telecom companies think so too)

Some kind of knowledge has been responsible for the deluge of young people who are heavy laded with dreams they are too terrified to achieve –because they remember that someone said nobody has done it before, you’re not that smart Africa is a dark continent (yes I wrote this article with a kerosene powered laptop .lol)

Sometimes I ask what growing up is all about?  Does growing up involve obscuring our nascent inquisitiveness with pile and pile of knowledge of all they said we cannot and what we should not?

Who we shouldn’t be with, why we shouldn’t go there OR be that or think like that, today there is so much knowledge about what the neighboring community did, or what the entire black race couldn’t do or what will happen in the world or to the world in 2012. (oops I forgot we survived that)

Should the knowledge of  what Hitler did make me love the Jews more and at the same time  have a strong aversion  for Germans….or because western media has profiled every non –Christian Arab youth living in Oman, Tehran and Islamabad then I shouldn’t feel at peace if I happened to live next door to one . Many times I have queried the Chinese ingenuity and pronounced anything “made in china’ as substandard and extremely meretricious  , I always preferred the t-shirts that I purchased from the uk , until I became laded with the gory tales of how they were but products of Rama like environments in Bangladesh (the location of one of the world’s worst   factory accident) , I got to know that those garments cost more than 2-10 pounds , their real value was the  sorrow , tears and dignity of underpaid workers  and then the allure was over.

Am thinking we should know more about the receding Atlantic Ocean, the fast destruction of the ozone layer, the children that die of starvation and malaria in parts of Africa, am surprised we don’t know that not every non- Christian Arab is a terrorist, or that not every Nigerian is a fraudster, it wouldn’t hurt to know that a unified world is possible, a world where no one is judged by the color of their skin or by the sins of their fathers.

I wouldn’t mind if the whole world would have a salt bath every midnight and I hope that as  the salty water stings our eyes we will remember with each stream of water that slide down our body that if we know all we know and we can adjust our emotions, lifestyle, choice of word, government action or inaction - so that for every time we should fear the Muslim boy on the train we would rather love him, instead of encouraging companies that don’t support the environment ,we would transmute the weight of the knowledge we have about nature and its rapid decline- we can stand against these companies ,

Maybe more musicians would do more than feature the suffering African child in their videos and get involved in Africa’s big problems.

I guess the frail teacher from galilee and his inner circle of twelve comrades didn’t know much and didn’t have to have a salt bath, but just this little they knew “anyone could change the world from Samaria to Judea and the uttermost part of the earth if we all remember that we are the salt of the earth” 

Abuja, Nigeria

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