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There are days we wish we could stop the morning from coming too soon cause we spent the night working tirelessly just to meet life's demand of paying bills and more bills. There are moments we wish we could shout at the top of our voice to ease off the stress mounted on our brain from piled up files to early board meetings but that would send a wrong signal to a psychiatrist who would prescribe clomethiazole to you for the rest of your life. Some days we wish we never have to go for that lecture, spend hours studying and sitting quietly like a bunch of zombies pouring out every knowledge we have acquired while hoping that the lecturer understands our point of view on the subject matter instead of labelling us failures simply because our ideas didn't fit into his box of 'absolutely correct'. Other days, we just want to be left alone to fight the battles in our minds unfortunately those who prefer our noise than serenity begin to read negative meaning to our actions.

Well, life is a bowl of fruit salad. A mixture of sweet moments,juicy bank accounts, sour moments, bitter feelings, challenges as hard as nuts,defeats,acceptance,victory,breakthroughs, confidence, guilt,failure,success, joy, tears, pains, rejection, fun, peace...the list goes on and on but all of these eventually makes life even more interesting.Most times we want all the sweetness life can offer but never the bitterness that creeps in without notice. It's like walking in the day and praying not to see your shadow. We pray to be courageous but never ask for situations that will bring forth the courage in us. We ask for patience but never an experience to test our patience. We yearn for miracles but never circumstances that will birth the miraculous.

Our attention is always drawn to what we can't do rather than what we can do forgetting that our thinking determines our ability. The attitude we have towards life translates to the actions we take. Until we get to the point of realizing that what lies behind us and what lies before us are matters compared to what lies within us, we'll remain toothless bull dogs. Until we refuse to allow what we cannot do interfere with what we can do, we will do nothing or at best, we might quit what we know how to do but then quitting is only a permanent solution to a temporal problem. It breaks your capacity and leaves you with regret when you finally realise that you should have hung in there a little longer, have a positive attitude and achieve your dreams. 

Its okay to fall but definitely not okay to remain on the ground. Its okay to make a mistake but not healthy to wallow in it. Yes the world might not believe in your dreams. No one might even want to listen to what you have to offer but its okay. You alone matter in the equation of your life, every other factor is there to assist. If you give up, they do same. Change your view about the world within you and watch the world outside change. Stand tall. Never live beneath your capabilities and potentials. You are a conqueror, strong enough to build an empire of greatness and fulfilment.


Abuja, Nigeria
  • Well,life is a big bowl of fruit salad!!!What do you think? Put your answers to practice.

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