My Pain
23rd August, 2016 Writers

My life is a lonely one believing I can make it better is an understatement see I have wasted years of my life trying to achieve something I can't do I've tried and now I am tired. To stay in this world is torturing my soul that is what is left of it, my world as been shattered for a long time and it was stupid of me to think I could pick up the pieces and make it whole again. The solution to this is far away from me don't know what to do confused about myself don't know what to do I believe there is nothing to do. I feel empty a void that can't be filled, this life is lonely and I am traveling in it alone nobody to understand what it means to be me. I am on a path that only leads to death nothing can pull me back from this, no return to the simple life were I had no worries, no burden when I was but a baby in my mothers hands now this world has dealt me with cards that I can't use to win I am going to lose and my loss is death.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • It's about someone faced with his own preconceive idea of life challenges and how he battles depression.It is in parts

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