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Dear cracked heart,

I'm sick and tired of your endless indecisiveness;the confusion you breed while performing your duty.The last time, you skipped a beat when my eyes sighted a cute face.You invited butterflies,forgetting that you could not house them.Thanks to my tommy that is always kind enough accommodate your guests;they got a place to stay.

We had a conversation about the cute figure. You said it was okay to try. I did. I gave in; I mean I trusted you, totally! You pumped romantic ideas into my veins saving up blood for rainy days. You sang songs that made no sense to my ears yet my feet danced in submission to your leadership;captain of the ship.I thought you were strong; bold enough to fight battles and sail the ship in stormy weathers but no, you are just as fragile as a picture frame,transparent in words but veiled in actions.

Here you are denying my eyes of rest cause an arrow hit you hard while you were asleep; buried deep in your world of 'happy ever after'. You shunned the signs and played tough to break. You forgot that being broken was probably impossible but being cracked after a fall was inevitable. The tempo of your beat has changed from sweet soul serenading blues to metal rock. You roll the drums faster than you should each time my mind takes you back to the picture you painted.

If I could rip you off my chest, I would have a talk with you over a cup of hot coffee; the same one you have made me crave for while trying to mend your cracks. I would ask you why you mistook 'like' for 'love' and 'smiles' for 'green light'. I would question your ability to handle others when you can barely handle yourself. I would rip out your heart if you had one, sip my coffee while watching you go through what you've put me through.

You have succeeded in making me a traveller; one in search of the perfect glue to put you back in shape. I do not know where or how to find it but I believe I will,not with your mistakes in mind but with love,hope,affection and courage;the attributes you are learning to possess. I will mend your cracks and believe in your abilities again. I will do these and more not out of pity but in response to everything I've learnt from humans with hearts like you but until then, pump the blood you are meant to pump and allow cute faces go their way.

Your's sincerely


Abuja, Nigeria
  • Writing a letter could be fun and engaging but have you ever thought of writing a letter to a cracked heart? A human did! Relate!!!

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