Natural Hair Bridal Series
24th August, 2016 Hair Stylists

All Hair Styles Are Creation Of Royce Samuel The CEO of ceezysstyling.

This are all photoshoots (bridal inspirations) trying to show a look book for aspiring brides. But I am focusing on the natural hair part, which is to show all natural hair to be brides, that they can rock natural hair styling on their big day without fear, because they will slay.these pictures are product of different shoots, different photographers, make up artist, models, bridal dress and accessories house are involved in this shoot, but all hair was styled by myself, so you can go to my instagram page @ceezysstyling to see specifications of teams.

Cc: ( these are their instagram handles)

Photographers: @deladee_Edison, @dynamixprime, @creativityby12, @tolumoses

Make up artist: @ever_belle, @makeupbysheeda, @ms.oshodi, @blushnbrides, @b.e.a.u.t.I.f.i.e.d, @adornedbyjoy.

Bridal dress and accessories: @laheiressrentals, @myvelvetboxng, @mcgodsfavour, @yes_I_do_bridal, @blushnbrides, elsiejoybridal.

Models: @iam_ladelois, @coco_ekpo, @zeatharakinola, @esther_Uti, @khossie_o, @vivviene_Agi.

And all shots were taken in Lagos Nigeria.

So you can contact us from our IG page or contact me from for my services or my instagram page. Thanks for reading.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • This is a compilation of my natural hair styling for brides, trying to promote the #teamnatural, and letting them accept the fact that they can rock their natural hair on their wedding day.

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