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Life was beautiful. She was craved by those who turned her Ex. Her essence was more appreciated by her present while she remained a wish to her next. Every being needed her presence to be called 'living'. She was the oxygen to man; the carbon dioxide to plants. Her importance to earth was beyond measure. She graced men with her beauty and women with her fruitfulness.

Life was perfect without struggle but loss came. He snatched her crown and ruined her garment. Her value was trampled upon. Men began to loose their peace and women their seeds. Life was locked away in the abyss. Living became a history passed down to a lost generation. He had perverted every work of life; from deriving joy in living to making the most of life's attention. Loss stole the joy of many and uprooted the roots of life's growing seeds.

All this while love watched from a distance. He waited for a perfect time to save the day. Life had to mean more than breathing. It had to mean more than seeing the sun in the day and watching the moon at night. Love knew he was just a fairy tale to many; something not real. He was labelled a liar and a deceiver. He was crowned the king of pain before his arrival. Loss had brain washed earth with his philosophy. Loss had destroyed love or so he thought.

Love arrived unannounced with his battalion of armies who fought gallantly against loss and all he ever stood for. Life was freed and once again, earth could live. Love was merciful to loss. He permitted him to live under the condition of being the bridge life takes to get to him in challenging situations.

Jane had barely noticed the 'Ussain Bolt' speed at which time ran that night. Her eyes were heavy. The White mug cup with smiling emoji crested on it; sitting comfortably on her desk gave her a big smile as if to say 'I'm empty! Go to sleep!'. She overlooked the message and with faith lifted the cup from its sit but this faith was no where close to the size of a mustard seed. She closed her laptop and walked sluggishly to her bed. Tomorrow was yet another day to write.

Abuja, Nigeria
  • Jane Andrew captures life in words and keeps it safe in her articles. Tired of same story lines, she takes a bold step to dig deeper into the realities of life.(Episode 1)

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