28th August, 2016 Artists

It was one of those normal days at a normal traffic light stop when I saw them as usual; a group of kids swarming round the cars trying to clean windshield for a stipend; but today one of them caught my attention; he couldn’t have been more than eight (8) and even when I stopped him from cleaning my windshield he still peeked cheerfully into the car, a plea in his eyes. 

There was something about him and I could see his face light up as I picked up my DSLR, I bet he had never seen one before, because he immediately struck a pose. He seemed quite proud of his profession as he held up his tools and looked straight into the lens with model-like fixation so I could get a good shot. His scars and his dirty Manchester United jersey told a tale of his travails on these harsh streets. We didn’t say many words but the mood was great and I handed him a naira note.

I was just about to ask his name when the lights turned green and we had to go our separate ways, I could see him in the rear view mirror animatedly sharing his experience with his peers. As I drove off I wondered if I would ever see him again or what would become of him out there in the streets where tomorrow is truly not a promise.

These kids need shelter, clothing, food; basic things we take for granted but most importantly they need Education. Most of us are where we are today because of the quality of education we got in our formative years, these kids are fast running out of time. We NEED to help them. I’ve been haunted by that meeting ever since and everyday I peer at this piece on my drawing board I know I need to do something for them but for now all I can do is bring their story to you.

Kindly share and let someone know that these kids are out there begging for help.

TITLE: Street Kid

MEDIUM: Graphite on Paper 

SIZE: 60cm x 51cm

Lagos, Nigeria
  • ...out there begging for help...

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