Change the Change
3rd September, 2016 Writers

So she was losing breath to Us,
she bled that We might grow,
still we complained and cursed,
We expected good luck when we sowed,
Some at harvest had luck some did not,
but I think we survived well with what we got,
but as insatiable as We are We wanted something new,
not knowing that all our good luck might not continue.

Then the change came:
they say Change is constant, true  talk,
But the change that came stank and has stuck,
But My hope is in the former stated fact people,
They may not feel our pain as they hide in the rock,
Life may be simple but these people will get the wage of their work.

Some say its a process,
People are dying,
who will enjoy it's success,
The people are crying,
they want this change to change,

There's nothing more to say,

God bless Us All...

Abuja, Nigeria
  • This here paints a picture in words for our leaders, of our country's situation. Nigerians are pained, the least and in some type of way, best, we can do is pray.

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