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(My thoughts on patience and expectations)
The mother hen had a certain ritual, everyday she would have to abandon everything she had to do –just to attend to that ritual, while she was growing up no one instructed her that this ritual will involve periods of waiting.
This ritual involves 18-21 days and demands constant attention, utmost dedication on her part, all she had to do was “wait” on a particular spot, doing the same things in almost the same way, whilst I thought about this I discovered that this was a pattern in nature, for some animals this period is called incubation /brooding (which simply means maintaining something at the most favorable temperature for its development) 
From hens to hedgehogs , cows to leopards , nature seems to have internally programmed into every being the capacity to be patient and  to expect accordingly
So am thinking why is waiting so difficult if its intrinsic to nature, we all have waited before and it seems whole of life seems to be about waiting sometimes, so wetin be waiting?  Does it have to be hard and discouraging?  Why should waiting take time and wear one out?
Maybe a true understanding of waiting will influence a change in perspective and in the process answer these questions.
Let’s take a leaf from the most amazing story that happened before anything we know about today ever existed, the book of beginnings as written by Moses told the story of how in the beginning of beginnings when there was nowhere and no one to stay in Nothing, the universal mind/divinity/God moved over the surface of the formless and void waters –waiting!! 
The word “brooding sure sounds familiar to everyone even if we don’t lay eggs (some of us do) and if I go by the definition of brooding it will mean persistently or morbidly thoughtful , OR persistent morbid meditation on a problem
So whilst we understand that the universal mind OR divinity/God seem to be at loss of what to do when confronted with utter darkness and blackness , take away the word waiting an replace it with persistent meditation on a problem . Juxtapose that with brooding that occurs in nature to really understand the true meaning of “waiting”, we often misconstrue waiting for doing nothing while expecting something, isn’t this why waiting seems long and boring.
Universal mind / divinity/God waited till the right time before he sent his on into the world , so that his message will be truly understood, the son also waited for the right time after coming to earth before starting his assignment , the bible described this as the fullness of time

Waiting means all the activities involved between the promise and the performance of the promise, waiting is creating conditions for development, waiting is that period between when we think we are ready and when we are truly ready. all over the world everyone seems to be waiting for a better life, a better job, better living condition, if the hen could be persistent, and if nature has taught us to the true meaning of waiting, then I think we should all wait differently, someone said for something to be upheld as truth it must be true in thought, word and action.

So next time before you tell someone you are waiting make sure you have suspended every contrary thought, words and deed and replace it with the persistent thought ,Action in expectation for what you are really waiting for – then you can really say  I AM WAITING !!!

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