LIFE LOVE LOSS Episode Three
8th September, 2016 Writers

Jane walked into the lounge in a short red dress and a pair of black flats. Her golden-sun hair was neatly wrapped with a band to show off her photogenic face. Her face had no colours as she was far behind schedule to paint on it. With eyes  like darting search lights, she scanned the room to find Nina and Christy. Like a hunter, she sighted her game and aimed for it. She walked majestically from the door to the VIP corner where Nina had picked for the sake of privacy.

'I apologise for coming this late. I got carried away with work'. 'Let's get to work then' Christy replied. 

She brought out her laptop from her bag, switched it on and waited for it to boot. Meanwhile , Nina had taken out a note pad from her bag and handed it over to Christy. 'I think she should include that in the magazine'. Christy flipped through the pages with her lips curved upwards. 'I agree with you but she probably have forgotten she ever wrote this' she said turning to Jane who was immersed in her quest to find the file she needed to get to work. Nina tapped her shoulder and pointed at the note pad. Without questions,she took the notepad, opened it and began to read aloud. 

"His eyes were stars. They twinkled as he spoke to me. My heart melted when his soft palms touched my rough skin. I was embarrassed at first but his disarming smile disarmed shame and reassured me of my beauty. His brown eyes said so much that my feet got swept away by the flood of sweet emotions flowing on the inside. Our eyes had converse over time as we kept stealing glances of each other from a distance. The spotlight of my heart was on him.

I noticed he was gone. My star of the night had left without a word. I craved to hear what his voice sounded like. I longed to feel what his touch felt like. I was heartbroken. I was all alone;heart and eyes left without a company. I walked to the bar to ease my loneliness with a glass of cocktail when someone whispered sweetly to my ears. It was him; the one I thought I had lost forever.He asked me for a dance. I felt my heart skip a beat. The only song I wanted to dance to was the sound of his voice. It sounded like jazz to my ears. His hands were stretched out to mine. I took them like a child; innocent and sincere. We walked to the dance floor like couples who had just tied the nuptial knot. He held me close like I do my pillow at night. His warm breathe blew my sweaty face as he starred deeply into the eyes of one who had been stung by the trauma of heartbreaks. His moves were out of this world and his laughter? only an immortal could possess such. It was pure and uplifting.

I vowed to make him the one at all cost. I was ready to be his lab rat. He could do all his experiments on me as long as he didn't leave too soon. He smiled and whispered 'I'm not a lab technician'. I had said my thought out loud. I smiled back. He ushered me back to our table. There was a beam of love in the room. I could see it. It illuminated the fears and doubt that accompanied me to the club. He made a toast to us;we hadn't fallen into that sea of love yet he had a picture of us in his head. We drank to the future, at least that should heal this wound I've carried for so long"

'I can't believe you kept this Nina. Anyways, NAKED is my story and deserves to be told in full. We'll include this. I'll tittle it 'THE ONE NIGHT STAND'. Both ladies nodded in agreement. 'This is the piece I started today;the beginning of the story' Jane said pointing at the screen of her laptop.


Abuja, Nigeria
  • LIFE. LOVE. LOSS is the journey of Jane Andrew as she captures life in words and keeps it safe in her articles. The journey continues.

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