Bittersweet symphony
14th September, 2016 Writers

“Daddy, where’s mummy”??
My 6 year old son looks up at me from his bowl of kellogs corn flakes I had just served him, with milk dripping from his lower lips and worry in his eyes.
“Daddy, where’s mummy”??
He asked again
I couldn’t look him in the eyes, what would I say?? How will I explain this to him??
Where did my loving wife go??
I had asked myself that question for almost a year now, where did my loving wife go??
Funto was her name, I called her my Elf, not because she had pointy ears, no, I called her elf because she always managed to stay beautiful, look the same way all through the time I knew her. Where did my elf go??
She was the girl your parents prayed for you to find, the perfect wife. Loving, caring and ooh boy could she cook. I remember returning from an hard days work at the bank to a big delicious three course meal for dinner, yes that’s my Funto. She’d smile and watch me eat, stuff my face like I was going to die in minutes. But it all changed, where’s my Elf?? Where did my loving wife go??
It all started about a year ago when she lost her mother, her anchor as she always said, she loved her mother so much. And like the sun at the edge of an horizon, she slowly started to fade away, her light started to dim.
She woke me up one night, “I feel weird”, I struggled out of bed, sat up and looked her in her lost eyes. 
“What can I do”??
She looks down at the sheets for a few minutes, looks back up at me 
“Never mind dear, its all in my head”
Till this day I wish I had asked her more about it, maybe it could have been different, maybe she’d still be here.
Everything went quiet for a while after that, well until I came home early from work, I entered the living room and made my way up to the bedroom, tip toeing like a buglar in the night trying to give my darling wife a pleasant surprise. I open the door and I see her, my Elf. Face down on her make up table, I stood there in shock, utterly speechless,
“What are you doing funto”??
She quickly stands up, looks at me with bloodshot eyes, the space between her nose and upper lip looking snow white. She runs to me and hugs me, crying
“What do I do”?? 
My elf is a coke head, how long as this been going on, and how did I not know this. 
I head to the bathroom, run her a hot bath and tucked her into bed after.
This continued for weeks on end, a never ending cycle of  constant drug abuse.  I sit her down one night after one of her mystery outings, she returns home faded and I ask, “why are you doing this to yourself”, she leans closer and whispers in my ear,
“The demons are about to get me”

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Lagos, Nigeria
  • How depression can warp the mind of a sweet innocent mother

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