1st October, 2016 Writers

Oh my child 👶! My joy, and our joy.
I watched you crawl for 56years.
Oh what a shame and disappointment have you brought to me!

You were complete when i delivered you.
Great was your strength when I brought you forth.
Nations rejoiced over your birth; young and old fêted your birth.

Because you were the hope of their survival.
You alone can bring them out of impoverishment.
You alone can maximise their resources and gain wealth for them.
You alone can bring them glory and honour.

But alas! Reverse is now the case.
What has plagued you this much?
Daily, you grow in mass and size.
But your hands are pathetically lacking in force of effectiveness.
Your knees are feeble.
Your legs lack strength
Your eyes are glassy: loss of clear vision.

Nigeria, when will you come to the knowledge that if you don't make the most of your ability and the potentials in you, you will become a lost cause?

Children lack what it takes to have a proper education. They are seen hawking in traffic just for survival.
Some have become victims of rape and other assaults.
Graduates storm out of institution every year, but no reward for their timeless labour.
Workers after toiling hard find it hard to put food on their tables
Pensioners are refused the right to their money; scores upon scores die hungry.

Nigeria listen and hear the cry of agony on the street.
Listen to the lamentations of your people.
Blood flows like the rivers of Babylon.
Echo's of pain resonate all day long.
Hunger taking precious lives like a pandemic.
Frustration now an instrument of execution.
Arise O Nigeria! Save us.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Nigeria it is high time you stand for your responsibility.

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