black shoes
5th October, 2016 Writers

What says you?

Dear one.

That you were neverspecial?

But you claim you were.

that you were worthy.

now you lay there in solitude.

crossing mistakes and triumpths,

your knittings  worse thanwhen you were new.



what made youthis?

An emptiness of a confused clan.

with great scores of praises

Dead glory gone.

But you are still nice yet dusty.

And  mine  enternally.

like a wrong tatoo.

your lips glued in slavery.

in my hands you are in now,

smiling at my unfortunate fate.

As I left,

running alone,

down the stairs,

into the car,

holding my identity,

I looked down at it,

my black shoe.

Happy indepedence nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria
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