forgotten ones
5th October, 2016 Writers

i never choose this.



lost in my fairyland,

the dreams of a great empire falling,

with undue lost of hope.

it was you  i had become.

in sweet memories comes a better life,

but with forgotten dreams that were a dare to others.

my desire for the crown on the hera,

became an echo from the other side.

A  nameless soul full of talents.

And here i  am twenty years later



in a slient room of sacred voices,

wondering why i left them so

in pursuit for the black suit.

apologising to the muse for my ignorance.

the rare gift.

but i tried,


but it kept calling.

seasoning more juice to my holy grail.

enlarging its creativity.

not letting me give up,

the memories of  child drawings and inked papers,

the days of glorying imaginations

 my forgotten ones.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Childhood dreams are pillars of the future, if you make it you are whole. If you dont you are lost in two realities - fola jewels (2016).

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