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This life is nothing but a pot of beans, it can spill anytime

Make the most of what you have while you're still on the surface of this Earth

You want to ride the best and most exotic cars? Work hard for it

You want to become an artist, an engineer, a professor, a photographer, all in one? Study hard and work towards it

You want a power bike for your dirty 30? Save up for it

You see a girl/guy you like on social media? Don't be scared to say hi to them

You're an albino and you lack self confidence cause of your skin pigment? Cheer up, you're an exceptional breed

You have small fronts and backs and feel less of a female? Feel free to pad them up if it makes you happy

You feel less of a guy cause you're skinny? Eat more and hit the gym to build those muscles

You feel less attractive and not beautiful enough? Wear your make up and walk heads & shoulders high

Walk the surface of this Earth in stiletto high heels and laced up timberlands, cause your funeral might be attended by people wearing flat shoes

You have asthma or bronchitis and you feel fragile? Widen your nostrils, inhale fresh breath and  awaken the greatness within

You have inferiority complex because of the society and people around you? Work hard and pray to God to change your status

Reply and accept your social media messages and requests, cause one day you won't be able to

Remember your old friends and celebrate your dead friends, it is all they can ask for

Live this life like its an unscripted movie and be sure to wear a smile when the 'director' yells "cut!"

                                                                                                                                                 Obinna Nduka Emmanuel


Lagos, Nigeria
  • Some truth about life

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