Learning to Working with what you have
24th October, 2016 Fashion Designers & Stylists

I have intensively mastered the act of organising and utilising every possible space available to me, camera angles, under bed storage lol you name it & am right on it….It important to understand that we can’t all get everything we desire in life but should learn to work with what we have been given…

Lastly I am currently exploring some of the New Trends for Fall….Trying out some DIY Ideas, mixing & matching pieces from different shops & also discovering new things about myself (like my hidden halloween make-up abilities for one ) it so refreshing seeing myself push the limits of what I thought I had no Interest or ability in before now  & as always I could’nt wait to share it with you all….So here is the first look from my fall LOOkbook so far…you all should feel special as am giving you guys a Very Special Preview lol … Its a free casual Outfit of the day…something I wear during the week to get around my various day to day activities…

Also don’t Forget to Check Out my Youtube Channel as You will be in for a Real Treat…Halloween Vidoes, Hauls, DIY Tips…All New Videos Uploaded Two to Three Times Weekly… My Mom Jeans Below is also a result from one of my DIY Projects so do Check Them out!  www.youtube.com/styledbypromisefashion 

London, United Kingdom
  • Probably the second reason I have learn to work with what I have, be it my living space or my body stature is because I understand that no matter how perfect things may seem from the outside, NO one or Nothing is Ever a 100%!...

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