Why is there life if there is Death
26th October, 2016 Writers

Is life worth living???
As death doesn't give us a choice,
Is life worth living?
As after death where is the elegance and poise?
Is life worth living???...
Seeing death takes away that voice,
Is life worth living?
When death doesn't give any notice,
Is life worth living?
Please answer if you know this,
& explain why we should not give in,
When to some, pain is all life is giving...

Why is life worth living?
How should it be lived?
Why do people die?

Painful mystery,
That exists in the present and also in history...

All am saying is, what if we get;

A chance to age,
Not to go with dreams pending,
Let the rapture be the final page,
Not death's glory that's heart rending,
We thread on thin ice,
Anytime now, just anyone,
so much tears in kids' eyes
Is life really any fun?
Moments dont last,
Today's name is soon past,

Dear child,parent,husband & wife,
What really is life???

Abuja, Nigeria
  • What really is Life?

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