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Monday mornings are the same everywhere in the world, my pen pal in faraway Hong Kong said, Richard quest of CNN show quips in agreement as he talks about the ever busy new york and its role in being the commercial nerve of the world, I turned off the TV as I hurried to meet up with a teeming populace who seem to be heading to different directions at alarming speed this Monday

I wasn’t in new York, I had never been to Hong Kong , but on the street of Lagos , Monday mornings are the same , beads of perspiration were already forming on my brows as I boarded the bus that ferries me to my destination.

From left and right, drivers screamed on the top of their lungs as they struggled for dominance on the already thinning stretch of road that led to the mainland, being a lover of automobiles I tried to memorize the name of every automobile within my line of sight, this I did in a bid to take my mind of the traffic that had being building up since I set out.

It’s actually a strange sight to see a yellow sports car compete with the rest of the cars  for limited space on a day like every other when time is of the essence , as I tried to remember what version of Lamborghini that was, in the blink of an eye, it seem the sports car moved a little bit faster or  the car in front moved a little slower, but what happened didn’t leave room for much contemplation , the popular Lagos bus (Danfo) with LIVE SIMPLY emblazoned on both sides of the bumper materialized out of thin air and rammed into the “lambo”

The confusion that ensued launched everyone present in my danfo into a bi-partisan frenzy, some were of the school of thought that the “sports car must belong to one of those who had looted the treasury and left the country in abject poverty.

Others were of the opinion that the danfo driver must have angered some god or a particular deity before stepping out of the house that morning

While the “ you don hit my car “ drama ensued my mind was drawn to the live simply message on the bumper , it suddenly occurred to me how much it will cost to fix the damaged vehicle and how distraught the offending driver will never be able to pay

Lamborghinis cost millions of dollars to purchase and thousands to maintain, this is just a brand in the fleet of automobiles the bourgeois that litter our government own.

It’s no gainsaying that over a hundred mouths will be fed for a year given the indices of such individuals  who live under two measly dollars every day, it occurred to me that every time we bite more than our share of the national/community/team cake and fail to live simply, others fail to simply live

 Man’s primal fear has always been the fact that we feel that there isn’t enough to go round for everyone, hence the rush to hoard, hide and heap up for ourselves, but God through Nature has consistently made light of man’s parochial mindedness.

All around us there is abundance in nature enough to go round for everyone, from over trillion cells that make up the human body, to numerous species of insects, millions of Avian and aquatic life which all exist simply for the benefit of man and nature,

it’s not in the nature of “nature” to exist for itself, rivers exist not for themselves but for all, the plants serves man’s purpose and other inhabitants on earth, the thunders, floods, stars and stalagmites all play a function in earth as a self-sustaining unit and there magnificence is seen in the simplicity of their service to sustain life as we know it.

Lamborghinis are not bad, but they are not as important as the bellies that need to be filled with food, bodies that need to be protected from the elements of nature , the bumper simply taught me what it taught the owner of the vehicle and what man has failed to listen to  –LIVE SIMPLY for OTHERS TO SIMPLY LIVE.

Abuja, Nigeria
  • live simply....how to understand why the monk sold his Lamborghini

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