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TITLE: Revenant


 Driven by a mental breakdown, a young mother grieves for  her lost teen son in midst her grief she is torn between reality and fiction, what ever she believes is the beginning of the story.............. 


Duration:  45 Minutes (Suggested Time)

Genre: Mystery,  Horror.

Writer: Fola Jewels 

Sample Template  for a Suggested 45 minutes movie.


Location: A house made of wood in an open space in a remote town filled with trees 

Act 1 -Scene One:  A  long shot of a  black woman dressed in black gown holding her elbows as the breeze blows through her short brown hair, A close shot of her hair blowing is displayed,  camera shifts angle to a burning house, 

Voice 1: Halimye! 



(Rays of smoke clouding her eyes, coughing repeatedly,  Sweats continuously dripping) 


 Voice 1: Halimye!

( Fire comes in,  A female  fire fighter on short hair runs towards her direction in midst other fire fighters as they bring out their equipment, A mid shot of  the fire fighter as she touches the woman in gown softly) 

Fire Fighter: The Fire Bridge has just arrived Madam step back you have to leave the premises 

                        (pulls her away) 

Voice 1 : Halimye!

Fire Fighter: Madam please you have........... ( pulling her away)

Voice 1: Leave me I want to see him! (Crying loudly) Leave me alone  I need to see him! 

Fire Fighter: Take her away!

( Three fire fighters drags her away forcefully,  holding her hands and legs as she jumps and wrestles,  fighting for  her release from them)

Voice 1: What have you done! My baby is in there (Screaming) My baby is in there leave me alone! 

(Screaming continues.............)

Fire Fighter: We are going in ! 

(Bangs of feet marching into the fire, another shot of  six men pull out silver horse from the fire apparatus from  outside is shown briefly)   

Act One- Scene 2 :

Location: A room  inside the burning house 

(A deep shot of a burning room where  a teen boy dressed in white is  standing by the mirror in midst the fire  choking heavily, A mid thigh shot of him  holding a knife and a close up of him cleaning  his eyes from the thick cloud of smoke, he covers his mouth and looks into the mirror. Camera moves to an over shoulder shoot  showing a reflection of  himself  shows in the mirror, holding knives in both hands, stabbing chest and throat repeatedly smiling)

Flash backs of continuous stabbing, hands crawling in blood, 


                   (Scream of pain)

 Act One : Scene Three : 

A flush of water  from the  fire fighters pulling the horse Shaking her head to the woman in black gown,  screaming loudly

Act 2 -Scene One : 

Location: Narrow path in a house with white wall paints, neon lights to be used.

Woman running towards the door, Close up of her face weeping, opens the wooden door and searches the room,  goes into the bath room opens it 

Voice 1: Halimye! ( Pants Heavily) 

(The boy looks up from the bathroom floor he knelt, sounds of water dripping into the bucket, Woman looks at him shocked turns to the board game he is playing)

Hamlimye : Why do this?

Boy : Why not? After all we are brothers.

Act 3- Scene One

Location-  Burning House 

(A close shot of  burnt windows and rays of fire shown in display,  camera moves  angle slowly into a  long shot of the burning house as the  soundtrack plays softly)

Screen display:  What do you believe?


                                                                         Fades Out 

Lagos, Nigeria
  • A sample short film I made 2 hours ago, No detailed specifics to the format, enjoy the story........... what do you believe?

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